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- In Space and On Earth, Why Build It, When a Robot Can Build It for You?
- How the Milky Way Killed Off Nearby Galaxies
- Oil from Deepwater Horizon Disaster Entered Food Chain in the Gulf of Mexico
- First Low-Mass Star Detected in Globular Cluster
- Ancient DNA Provides New Insights Into Cave Paintings of Horses
- Star Explodes and Turns Inside out
- Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
- Looking at the Man in the Moon: Astronomers Explain Why the Man in the Moon Faces Earth
- Sperm Can Do 'Calculus' to Calculate Calcium Dynamics and React Accordingly
- Ozone from Rock Fracture Could Serve as Earthquake Early Warning
- Over 65 Million Years, North American Mammal Evolution Has Tracked With Climate Change
- Mid-Atlantic Suburbs in U.S. Can Expect an Early Spring Thanks to the Heat of the Big City
- Hybrid Silkworms Spin Stronger Spider Silk
- Fish of Antarctica Threatened by Climate Change
- Building Blocks of Early Earth Survived Collision That Created Moon
- Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur Named
- Making Memories Last: Prion-Like Protein Plays Key Role in Storing Long-Term Memories
- West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams
- Quantum Microphone Captures Extremely Weak Sound
- Researchers Capture First-Ever Image of Two Atoms Forming a Molecule
- Analyses of a Tiny Comet Grain Dates Jupiter's Formation
- Targeted Proton Transfer Within a Molecule: Smallest Conceivable Switch
- Early Evolution of Life: Study of Ribosome Evolution Challenges 'RNA World' Hypothesis
- Sunshade Geoengineering More Likely to Improve Global Food Security, Research Suggests
- Waiting for Death Valley's Big Bang: Volcanic Explosion Crater May Have Future Potential
- Ancient Stars Shed Light On the Prehistory of the Milky Way
- Powerful New Cells Cloned: Key to Immune System Disease Could Lie Inside the Cheek
- Diverse Ecosystems Are Crucial Climate Change Buffer
- Fossil Moths Show Their True Colors
- Extensive Taste Loss Found in Mammals: Feeding Preferences Shaped by Taste Receptors
- Leaping Lizards and Dinosaurs Inspire Robot Design
- Egg-Producing Stem Cells Isolated from Adult Human Ovaries
- 'Bubblegram' Imaging: Novel Approach to View Inner Workings of Viruses
- Brain Parasite Directly Alters Brain Chemistry
- Nearby Planet-Forming Disk Holds Water for Thousands of Oceans
- Scientists Produce World's First Magnetic Soap
- Single-Atom Transistor Is End of Moore's Law; May Be Beginning of Quantum Computing
- Tycho's Star Shines in Gamma Rays, NASA's Fermi Shows
- Record Massive Black Holes Discovered Lurking in Monster Galaxies
- Archeologists Discover Huge Ancient Greek Commercial Area On Island of Sicily
- Ultra-Fast Outflows Help Monster Black Holes Shape Their Galaxies
- New 'Electronic Skin' Patches Monitor Health Wirelessly
- Nanofiber Breakthrough Holds Promise for Medicine and Microprocessors
- Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- Effects of Environmental Toxicants Reach Down Through Generations
- Dawn Sees New Surface Features On Giant Asteroid Vesta
- Vampire Star Reveals Its Secrets
- Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos
- Exercise and Caffeine Change Your DNA in the Same Way, Study Suggests
- Farthest Developing Galaxy Cluster Ever Found
- Road Runoff Spurring Spotted Salamander Evolution
- Dramatic Links Found Between Climate Change, Elk, Plants, and Birds
- Step Forward in Effort to Regenerate Damaged Nerves
- Near-Miss Asteroid Will Return Next Year, Even Closer
- Human Brains Are Made of the Same Stuff, Despite DNA Differences
- Genetic Survey of Endangered Antarctic Blue Whales Shows Surprising Diversity
- Scientists Prove Plausibility of New Pathway to Life's Chemical Building Blocks
- Roots of Hunger and Eating: Plasticity in the Brain's Wiring Controls Feeding Behavior in Mice
- Exercise Triggers Stem Cells in Muscle
- Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen More Complicated Than Previously Thought
- Ancient Bronze Artifact from East Asia Unearthed at Alaska Archaeology Site
- Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops
- Hubble Zooms in On a Magnified Galaxy
- Evolution of Staph 'Superbug' Traced Between Humans and Livestock
- Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea
- Graphene Electronics Moves Into a Third Dimension
- Solved: Mystery of the Nanoscale Crop Circles
- Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
- New Comparison of Ocean Temperatures Reveals Rise Over the Last Century
- Artificial Thymus Tissue Enables Maturation of Immune Cells
- Dreaming Takes the Sting out of Painful Memories, Research Shows
- Hatcheries Change Salmon Genetics After a Single Generation
- Materials for First Optical Fibers With High-Speed Electronic Function Are Developed
- Castaway Lizards Provide Insight Into Elusive Evolutionary Process, Founder Effects
- Ancient DNA Holds Clues to Climate Change Adaptation
- Faraway Eris Is Pluto's Twin
- Planets Smashed Into Dust Near Supermassive Black Holes
- Ocean Microbe Communities Changing, but Long-Term Environmental Impact Is Unclear
- Inner Weapons Against Allergies: Gut Bacteria Control Allergic Diseases, Study Suggests
- Fruit Flies Watch the Sky to Stay On Course
- How the Fly Flies: Scientists Discover Gene Switch Responsible for Flight Muscle Formation
- Promising Approach to Preventing Alzheimer's
- Conformity Linked to the Size of a Brain Region
- Do Black Holes Help Stars Form?
- New Species of Deep-Sea Catshark Described from the Galapagos
- Comprehensive Picture of the Fate of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill
- Data Support Theory On Location of Lost Leonardo Da Vinci Painting
- 'Head-First' Diversity Shown to Drive Vertebrate Evolution
- Pulsating Response to Stress in Bacteria Discovered
- Engineers Create Tandem Polymer Solar Cells That Set Record for Energy-Conversion
- Newborn Stars Emerge from Dark Clouds in Taurus
- Mid-Ocean Creatures Control Light to Avoid Becoming Snacks
- New Study Lowers Estimate of Ancient Sea-Level Rise
- Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans
- Bolivia's Jaguars Set a Record
- Easier Testing for Diabetics? Biochip Measures Glucose in Saliva, Not Blood
- Genetic Variation in Human Gut Viruses Could Be Raw Material for Inner Evolution
- Greenhouse Gas Index Continues to Climb
- Laser Hints at How Universe Got Its Magnetism
- Astronomers Take a Photograph of the Youngest Supernova Right After Its Explosion

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